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Software Services

Quality is the prime focus of Primosoft Inc. At Primosoft we believe in Quality and 100% Customer satisfaction. Our software professionals are motivated, well qualified individuals with great depth of domain knowledge.

The areas, that we have gathered expertise and provided services, include:

  1. VoIP infrastructure services development/QA in SIP including User-Agents, Proxy, B2BUA.

  2. Object Oriented Design and development using UML, C++.

  3. Cloud services (AWS, AZURE) management

    • Deployment (Docker, VM, KUBERNETS)

    • Maintenance

  4. Data Analytics (Data Mining, Management and Presentation)

  5. Mobile app development

    • Native IOS and Android - Checkout our IOS and Android work

    • Cross-Platform development (Xamarin, Titanium)

    • Web apps (Cordova, Ionic)

  6. Full Stack development - Angular JS, Node JS, React JS

  7. Web Technologies

    • ASP .NET core, Web services, MVC, WCF

    • Python stack

  8. Blockchain Technologies

  9. Software tools/frameworks

    • CI/CD

    • Bugzilla, Jira, Trello, Zoho

    • GIT

  10. Content Management (Web applications)

    • WordPress

    • Laravel

    • CodeIgniter

  11. Databases, Data Visualization

    • MongoDB

    • D3 JS

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