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QA Services

Our Quality Assurance makes sure that the project will be completed based on the agreed specifications, standards and functionality required without defects and possible problems.

A continuous monitoring of defect detection, verification and customer satisfaction ensures that we are constantly improving and keeping the development cycles as efficient as possible.We provide flexibility of either taking an existing test plan and executing or taking a FRD, developing a test plan and executing.


Some of the Major Areas of QA expertise:

  • SIP Mobile soft-phone with voice and video on IOS/Android/Windows.

  • SIP NAT capability (employing ICE, TUN, STUN) testing

  • H323 Video end-point with combination of video profiles.

  • SIP/PRI Trunking Gateway ( Network and User )

  • Network router/firewall, VPN security appliance ( IPV4/IPV6 ).

  • QA Automation test suite development using Ruby on Rails.

  • SIP/FXS trunking appliance

  • SIP/FXO Gateway trunking appliance

  • SIP Session Border Controller (SBC)

  • Salesforce QA testing 

  • Visual Studio Test Professional

  • Cloud services

  • JS testing platform ( ESLinit, Jasmine, Jest, Enzyme )

  • Selenium

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