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Founded by Surendra Prajapat in 1995, Primosoft Inc. is a software development and services company. Our services encompass VoIP solutions testing, outsourced web/mobile app development and Quality Assurance/Test Automation. With a pool of highly skilled and trained professional we are committed to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions to our client for the last 28+ years. With informed approaches and efficient processes, Primosoft provides solutions to achieve success through customer satisfaction. We believe in less presentation and more client satisfaction.

Our Mission: Become integral to our clients by providing differentiated and cost-effective services to help them achieve their aspirations.

With a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team, expert in both manual and automated testing, in the areas of VoIP, Mobile applications, Web Java/.Net technologies and Cloud deployments, we can virtually run an off-shore self-sustained QA team for your product and services. You get a 24-hour development/QA cycle with very minimal management, resulting in faster release cycles.

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