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Primosoft Inc is a Global software development and services company, with a pool of highly skilled and trained professional working around the globe. We have been serving software industry for 20+ years. We focus on specialized applications, Quality Assurance/Test Automation, Outsourcing and Application Management. At Primosoft, our success is derived from our Client success. We believe in less presentation and more Client satisfaction.

With innovative approaches and advanced methodologies, Primosoft provides solutions to achieve success through end-user satisfaction. With a skilled workforce and well-defined quality processes, we are committed to deliver on-time and quality output with minimal management.

With a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team, expert in both manual and automated testing,in the areas of VoIP,Mobile applications, Web Java/.Net technologies and Cloud Infrastructure, we can virtually run an off-shore self-sustained QA team for your product and services. You get a 24 hour development/QA cycle with very minimal management.End result is faster release cycles.

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